About the Artist

Fermon Brown is an award winning artist, poet, and photographer. Whose work has appeared in many (over seventy), well known magazines and newspapers. His photography has been seen throughout the world, particularly recognized in Europe and the United States. Specializing in commercial, nature, and wildlife photography.

His artwork and poetry reflect an eclectic mix of surrealist, libertarian, and mystical influences. His non-conformist libertarian views and naturally rebellious nature have often led to conflicts with the prevailing power structure. Expelled from Highschool and later from College for his anti-war activities during the turbulent ’60s. He later had numerous conflicts with the legal/political establishment culminating with a short prison term in 2006. “My scapes with the law, have all essentially been, for not knuckling under.”

He considers himself and anyone arrested for a drug-related offense a political prisoner. Having been arrested for allegedly giving one tablet of prescription medication to a friend. He maintains he is innocent of this charge, and without evidence, he was nonetheless held TWICE for a one million dollar bond (each time). And to this day, the prosecution hasn’t produced any credible evidence.

Despite these unfortunate incidents, he continues to define himself and search for meaning in that act of self-discovery that we call art and poetry.

From “Marquis Who’s Who (Publishing Company)”:

Owner, Ad Ventures, Nevada, 1996-; Owner, Tree Fingers Photos, Nevada, 1992-; Director of Advertising, OrthoFlex Saddle Co., Nevada, 1991.

Creative Works:
Photographer: (books) For the Sake of Our Horses, 1992, Saddling for the 21st Century, 1992, (catalog set) OrthoFlex Saddle Catalogs, 1995 (Pewter Award: National Gold Ink Awards, Chicago 1995, Certificate of Merit, Professional Printing Industries of America 1995.

Recipient Advertising Achievement Award Readex Corp, 1995; named Outstanding Advertiser, Horse & Rider Magazine, 1995.

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