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Welcome to Mole’s Gallery!!!

Welcome to Mole’s Gallery.  The new shop, focused on the sales of the dark, surreal, and cerebral works.  The site’s founder; Fermon Brown, has seen the perversion of the system that we call life.  His experiences have given him a very “interesting” perspective on the world we live in.  The real world.  The world hidden by the news, hidden behind our egos and credit scores and GPA’s and forced to the background.  The “Truth” has been intentionally hidden from us.  We are inundated by our own foolishness, and the arts are one of the few spokes on the wheel of dharma that hasn’t been -completely- destroyed by academia and the unwittingly scared majority.

He has fought the man, he has won and oh how he’s lost.  And he will never give up on his dream to show -his- truth to all who seek it.

For the time being this website shall exist as a simple store, so that he can further spread his vision to the world.  But hopefully in time, we will make it so this site can facilitate the spread of artwork, dark and twisted, macabre and ethereal, the surreal and subversive music and poetry and paintings and more.


The Bird of Paradise
“If I could turn you on,
if I could drive you out of your wretched mind,
if I could tell you I would let you know.”

By: R.D. Laing